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A Philosophy of Reconciliation

November 2017

Welcome to JVMPF’s first official blog. We are excited to keep our friends updated on amazing happenings on our home front in Jackson, MS and from our travels around this Nation. We hope this blog will be fun, informative and inspire you to LIVE RECONCILED. In addition, we will share conversations that are affecting church communities and individuals as we attempt to walk in Christ.

We watched along with our church family around the world this past Sunday as the alerts streamed across national news that yet again members of the body of Christ had been assaulted and martyred. As the political debates began, we found ourselves questioning how this incident would affect our communities. Would people now be afraid to leave their homes and gather for fear of some devastating act of violence? Would we hear yet again how angst and suffering brought out the worst in a human being, making them capable of such an act as happened in Sutherland Springs, Texas? Where was God in the midst of all of this? That’s the question for those of us sitting on the sidelines. Was God absent? Why did he allow all of this evil to fall upon his people?

When God created man in his own image, he unleashed him upon this creation to multiply, not only himself, but his philosophies with the hope that man would follow the ultimate philosophy of allegiance to the good, the true and the beautiful. What we witnessed in Sutherland Springs was the taking of life according to man’s philosophy, not God’s. We saw precious individual souls lost that day, not because God allowed it to happen, but because of man’s inclinations.

But still we must ask, where is God in the midst of all of this? Christ’s reconciling spirit is within all of us who desire to spread His philosophies. It is through that spirit that we find ourselves capable of challenging the attitudes and brokenness that lead to such violence. In looking for answers to Sutherland Springs, we must look inside ourselves. The rebirth of contention and division in the modern era has given Christians divine purpose. More than ever, the peace of Christ, the redeeming fruits of the spirit and the knowledge of eternity are needed to engage the darkness threatening the modern world.

Our desire at the Perkins Foundation is to continue to fuel the conversation on reconciliation in the modern era. Through teaching the message of Christ, building community, stabilizing families with much needed low-income housing, and building upon the wisdom of our founders, the Perkins Foundation is turning dialogue into action. Not only so that we may be a blessing to our West Jackson community, but also so that open conversation with real solutions can become the norm of the church.

Since 1982, our organization has been pursuing reconciled relationships with church communities and Christian organizations to be a part of the change Christ wants to see in our cities. Daughters, Elizabeth, Priscilla and Deborah started out working with their parents Drs. John and Vera Mae Perkins from a very young age; each of the sisters developing skills and talents that serve the Perkins Foundation and the surrounding communities today.  As the Perkins sisters continue to accept the challenge of encouraging reconciled communities, join us in dialogue to share what we’ve learned and experienced so that our nation can grow and develop in Christ’s conquering love.

We continue to offer invitations for the friends of the Perkins Foundation to come and experience the legacy of our founders, learn from what we have experienced and also share experiences from your own communities. Come to Jackson, be a part of our mission and support the exciting work of reconciliation across the nation.

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Come and Join us!

The Perkins Foundation hosts several learning opportunities you can experience!

Perkins Justice Pilgrimage

This 4-day intensive learning experience includes lodging, food, transportation, a tour of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum & Medgar Evers House. Come learn about authentic reconciliation, Biblical justice and the Christian community development movement. The Perkins Justice Pilgrimage gives visitors the opportunity to see the foundations of community centered ministry. Learn how economic cooperation transforms communities and lifts families out of the poverty cycle. Contact Elizabeth at elizabeth.perkins@jvmpf.org

Micah Mission

Invite your mission team to come participate in Micah Missions. Your team can make a true difference in the lives of West Jackson families by sharing in the work to improve housing standards. Contact Elizabeth at elizabeth.perkins@jvmpf.org

Friends by the Fire

Host a Perkins Foundation Friends by the Fire event in your city and meet Elizabeth, Priscilla or Deborah to discuss important topics affecting the church, Christ-centered organizations and disenfranchised communities. A Friends by the Fire will plunge your group into passionate discussion and inspire you to action! Contact Deborah at deborah.perkins@jvmpf.org.

Ways you can help:


We are proud to be a volunteer driven organization. With the help of our donors and partners we are able to support the surrounding West Jackson community as well as work to spread the message of reconciliation in Christ to our nation. Churches, social clubs, college students from around the nation join us every week to nurture and support our community. If you have a desire to share in this work, please contact us! We are in need of PROJECT MANAGERS for our housing missions, an IT MANAGER, a GRANT WRITER and LANDSCAPERS. We are excited to welcome any retired volunteers who can help us achieve new heights. Will you come to Jackson, Mississippi to help us renovate houses in our target area and support JVMPF.org anyway you can?


JVMPF offers mentoring relationships and tutoring services to low income children in the Jackson area. Your contribution of $50/per month would allow children to receive great quality tutoring right in their community. Our tutors form mentor relationships with local children that help them progress in academics and habits of success. Would you sponsor a Jackson, Mississippi child for $50 dollars a month? Contact Elizabeth at elizabeth.perkins@jvmpf.org or use our donate link to contribute now:

Keeping up with Dr. P and Priscilla:

Dr. Perkins will be in Selma, Alabama, Nov 13-14
Dr. Perkins interview with Richelle Putnam on SuperTalk.fm, Nov. 28

NOV. 28 is National Giving Day!


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