Business Minded Ministry with
a Passion for Spiritual Wellness!

Deborah Perkins

5D7D5382-FEF4-4458-BD85-DD0C07C8739CDeborah is “the thinker” crack filler of the Perkins Foundation. She manages the business office and is committed to improving our systems in the area of property management, grant writing, lawn care, local college & church partnership, wholistic health & wellness, community economics, editing, IT +.

Think win-win. It’s rewarding for you to give back and simultaneously receive joy.  Pass this invitation on to your church, college, friend, associate. Let’s form synergy.

For health and insight, Deb benefits from swimming, chess, meditative prayer, fasting & recruiting volunteers.

Contact Deb to inquire about serving with our operational team and speaking availability.

Contact Information
Email: or
Tel: 601-503-0374

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