We are posting some of our current needs for JVMPF here. If you are interested in helping with one of these items, please let us know at elizabeth.perkins@jvmpf.org, 601-238-2073.

Children’s Ministry Needs

  1. Macbook pros, 7-10 iPads for after school computer lab
  2. Funding for curriculum

Housing and Lawn care

  1. Weed eater (gas), sharp hedge clippers, steel wire street push broom, leaf blower.
  2. Complete socket set, gear wrench set, vise-grip set.
  3. Zero-turn & push mower.
  4. Roto-tiller for Campus grounds and Jubilee Garden.

Business Office Need

  1. Administrative volunteers
  2. IT volunteers

To donate the cost of one or more of the items above, click the button below.  Please make sure you make a NOTE for the purpose of your donation!