The Z8 Community Housing Initiative provides at risk families and individuals with an opportunity to live in stable, quality homes surrounded by others who support them and their development.  The purpose of Z8 is to affirm the dignity of our community.  Click here to learn more.

If this generation is going to attack poverty, it has to know what’s causing it and has to talk about the solution. We believe the solution is Christian community development and providing a community environment for these families where children can develop. The Foundation established the Zechariah 8 Community project to help provide this much needed service.

Z8 is the brainchild of Elizabeth Perkins, Foundation’s executive director. After many years of working with youth, she came to the conclusion that our youth needed a family environment, an environment similar to what is described in Zechariah 8. It would be an environment where the values, culture and heritage of the old could be transferred to the young. This project grew out of a concern to transfer these virtues.

Z8 is located in the heart of West Jackson which has all the symptoms of becoming one of the highest crime areas in the nation. Our target is a 13-block area in West Jackson, bordered by Ellis Ave, Lynch Street, Prentiss Street and St. Charles Street. We have anchored families who will be homeowners and caretakers of this community and will continue to anchor more.

If you are interested in participating in this program, please download and complete our preliminary application by clicking here.