Summer and One-Year Apprenticeships

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Experience a truly life changing summer of reconciliation, growth, and building together as you partner with us to rebuild Jackson communities.  You will have the opportunity to get involved in a host of activities to hone and discover your strengths.

In addition, you will experience a familial life at JVMPF.  We believe Christian community is essential to building God’s kingdom.  When we fellowship together, we experience harmony in our work for Christ.  The mission of our summer internship is that you will grow closer to the community of God and experience that little piece of His grace on Earth.


600224_10201662272743935_1527416597_nTailor Your Experience

Our program includes adventure and historic trips around Mississippi.  Jump off a waterfall while helping children embrace the goodness of this God-given life or improve your public relations skills by traveling with Dr. Perkins or Deborah as they share our mission and bring more communities together.

As we build our Kine’tik and Widgets programs we are also searching for app developers and programmers to help prepare our students interest in technical fields.

If you love working with children or if you enjoy fighting for a great cause, there are many opportunities with JVMPF!

One-Year Apprenticeships

dsc-0976Our one-year program is an excellent springboard into organizational planning, fundraising, public relations, and many other professions.


These apprenticeships are intensive and often include extensive travel.  Spending a year with JVMPF will give you the tools you need to engage professionals and community leaders with the genuine purpose.

Daycampers cooking classOur one-year apprenticeships are competitive, but offer you the chance to go behind the scenes of major nonprofit work.  You will be able to go on to a career of your choosing with the confidence that you are capable of achieving your Spirit-led purpose.  Time with Dr. Perkins and the JVMPF Development Team is truly a graduate education in Christian leadership!

More of what we offer…

Our internships focus on four things:

1) Discipleship: You will work with mentors and help build community in a Christ-like manner.  You will get to see lives change first hand.

2) Leadership development: You will get to experience team leadership, project management and many other leadership development skills.  You will be confident in your ability to take charge and make things happen in your community.

3) Program/Ministry development: Learn many aspects of ministry and program development from working with our team and implementing programs that have helped rebuild cities.

4) Ministry Experience: You will take a proactive role in making your ideas come true with practical steps, working with Christians from around the nation.

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