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programs like Kine’tik and Widgets.  These
programs focus on digital entrepreneurship,
programming and other technical skills that
are becoming popular tools for economic

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Wedding donation gift for friends of Jennifer Nelson & Anand Swaminathan


The money collected through your donation will be used primarily to support the Perkins’ Adopt-a-House program, which is used for covering costs of much-needed maintenance, upkeep, and beautification efforts for several house properties in their immediate neighborhood in West Jackson. This is part of a major two-year comprehensive project.  Learn more about this program here.
A secondary use towards which the donations will go is towards two curricula — one for a summer arts curriculum and one for a student leadership curriculum — as part of the Perkins Foundation’s educational outreach programs which benefit both students in JPS (the district in which Jennifer used to teach) and both local and visiting college students.