Our country has been racked by upheaval and unrest as we have been confronted by the long-reaching effects of racism in the form of police brutality, mass incarceration, and discrimination. In response to our nation’s crisis, many in the church have asked the question of “how do we respond as Christians to the injustices that we see today?” The problems that we are reckoning with seem so complex and deep rooted, which can paralyze us into inaction. However, we believe that the church has a responsibility to confront evil and injustice in all of its forms as a witness to the character of the God that we follow. We have been working in the ministry of pursuing biblical justice and reconciliation for over 60 years, and we want to use our experience to help equip Christians who are searching for answers.

Books by Dr. John Perkins

One Blood

Book One in Dr. Perkins’ Manifesto. The principles of justice and reconciliation have not been highlighted in modern evangelic theology. Dr. Perkins explains how the concepts of justice and reconciliation are deeply Biblical concepts that are core principles in the Kingdom of God.

He Calls Me Friend

Book Two in Dr. Perkins’ Manifesto. Dr. John Perkins helps readers take the next step to make justice and love a reality. He shares his life experiences, Biblical stories, and profiles of friendship, as he encourages us to get to know God as our Friend.

Count it all Joy

Book Three in Dr. Perkins’ Manifesto. In Count It All Joy, you will be encouraged to lean into suffering when it comes your way, stand alongside others who suffer, and believe that God will repurpose your suffering according to His good plan.

Let Justice Roll Down

The autobiography of our founder, Dr. John Perkins, in a new Young Readers Edition for ages 9-15. The powerful story of Dr. Perkins’ conversion and commitment to sharing the gospel of Christ, through preaching biblical truth and pursuing justice.