Thank you for your interest in the Perkins Justice Pilgrimage (PJP). Our scheduled dates are  October 25-29, 2017March 21-25, 2018 & June 20-24, 2018.

Arrive on Wednesday, depart Sunday after Church service. This will be an enlightening wholistic opportunity to experience 56+ years of Reconciliation, Biblical Justice, Economic Privilege, Cultural Diversity, Righteous Anger, 3R’s (relocation, reconciliation, redistribution), Discipleship, growing a Multi-Ethnic Church, Christian Community Development, and much more. Hear the Perkins family share their stories.

PJP participants will not only receive the valuable experience of interacting with experts in our city, but will learn about social justice, reconciliation and experience some of the sobering stories of injustice, uncertainty, and new beginnings.  The PJP allows us to learn from the past in order to change the future.

PJP participants will visit and receive teaching from Dr. John Perkins and other leaders who have lived the through civil rights movement.

We are encouraging participants to bring a friend or associate of a different ethnicity to share in this unique relational partnership. (Optional)

The Perkins staff is committed to make your stay one to remember.

Contact us for more info!

Space is limited so it is best to apply early.

The fee is $1999.00 per PJP participant. The Fee includes 3 days/4 nights accommodation, 9 meals, local transportation, admin support.  


Please fill out the form below completely. Pay special attention to the required fields. You may leave the optional fields blank, but the more information we have the more effectively we can respond to your application.

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October 25-29, 2017      March 21-25, 2018        June 20-24, 2018

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