Dr. John Perkins hosts a weekly Zoom Bible Study every Tuesday at 8:00 AM CDT! He would love for you to join him!

In order to join Bible Study, you must register at https://forms.gle/pQCbpWCpv22Sy8Uw8 the Monday before Bible Study. Each Monday at 11:59 CDT, registration closes and those on our registration list will receive the Zoom info 30 minutes before the call begins at 7:30 AM CDT. In case you miss the deadline and want to join the next Bible Study, the registration link will be activated again at the end of Bible Study for the next week. You can also join on the Facebook livestream!

Note: If you have already registered once, you will be on our registration list and do not need to re-register for subsequent Bible Studies! Remember to enter your first and last name when joining Zoom so that we can confirm your registration.

You can now watch the recordings of Dr. John M. Perkins Bible Studies on Youtube or Facebook!