The John M. Perkins Chair in Christian Community Development, Biblical Justice and Reconciliation honors the work of Dr. John M. Perkins’ life in the areas of gospel-centered community transformation, biblical justice, and reconciliation.
Motivated by his love for the Lord and the transformational power of the gospel in his own life and family, Dr. Perkins has dedicated his life’s work to coming alongside men and women in their communities, preaching the good news that God is just and His plan, redemptive (Ps. 33:5, Luke 4:18–19, Matt. 23:23, Rev. 20:4–6, Zech. 8:4, Isa. 58:12, Gal. 2:10). His 3 Rs of Christian community development (Relocation, Reconciliation, and Redistribution) have literally revolutionized communities across the globe, equipping many in these most marginalized communities to experience the love of Christ in the everyday experience. Through a strong commitment to practically demonstrate this truth, Dr. Perkins has lived a life dedicated to holistic church and community revitalization, biblical justice, and gospel-centered human flourishing. Moody Bible Institute is
pleased to recognize the indelible mark Dr. Perkins has left on the global church through this endowed chair.

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