Programs begin October 10, 2017

Good News Club: Tuesday’s 5pm-6pm

             Mentoring: Tuesday’s 6pm-7:15pm                                       Mentoring Application

Girls & Boys Fun Club: Thursday’s 5:15pm-7:15pm

Ages 6-17, Lite Dinner Provided


The goal of the Perkins Foundation is to transform lives for Jesus Christ in the crime ridden area of West Jackson, Mississippi.  Each life that is transformed can witness to others.  We have learned from over 56 years in evangelical ministry that passionate, active involvement in the lives of Children and families helps to significantly shape and influence communities of need.  We believe that creating a village to surround and uphold families, especially single mothers, provides a more stable environment where children are raised to know they are loved and protected.


By providing volunteers, facilities, and staff support, The Perkins Foundation is in essence a village family that is able to reach into the at risk community of West Jackson and make positive changes in the lies of our neighbors in the following ways:

  • Bringing children to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ;
  • Youth Discipleship through High School and College years;
  • Motivating parents to achieve Higher education;
  • Providing better housing & a cleaner neighborhood;
  • Reducing the achievement gap between lower and upper income aged students;
  • Increasing the high school graduation rates for at-risk students, and reducing the dropout rate;
  • Reducing teenage pregnancy through education, moral, and spiritual development; and
  • Reducing neighborhood crime rates by giving children and teens a place to be and helping them discover that they do not have to fit into the mold that society dictates; helping them to discover their Life Vision (their God given passion and direction)

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Mentoring Application

Mentoring Program

Mentoring: Tuesday’s 6pm-7:15pm

Become a Mentor: Make a Difference – We are excited to announce the launch of our new Mentoring Program every Tuesday evening. We desire all of our kids to understand the gospel of Jesus and to look to scripture as the absolute truth in their lives.

We are seeking: One to One mentoring with children from troubled inner-city neighborhoods where poverty, violence, gangs, and crime are everyday dangers that place extra stresses on families. These stressors can endanger a child’s health and development.

Mentoring Application

For more information, contact Elizabeth Perkins – Program Director at 601-238-2073 or | Office: 601-354-1563.