The goal of the Perkins Center is to transform lives for Jesus Christ in the crime ridden area of West Jackson, Mississippi.  Each life that is transformed can witness to others.  We have learned from over 56 years in evangelical ministry that passionate, active involvement in the lives of Children and families helps to significantly shape and influence communities of need.  We believe that creating a village to surround and uphold families, especially single mothers, provides a more stable environment where children are raised to know they are loved and protected.

By providing volunteers, facilities, and staff support, The Perkins Center is in essence a village family that is able to reach into the at risk community of West Jackson and make positive changes in the lies of our neighbors in the following ways:

  • Bringing children to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ;
  • Youth Discipleship through High School and College years;
  • Motivating parents to achieve Higher education;
  • Providing better housing & a cleaner neighborhood;
  • Reducing the achievement gap between lower and upper income aged students;
  • Increasing the high school graduation rates for at-risk students, and reducing the dropout rate;
  • Reducing teenage pregnancy through education, moral, and spiritual development; and
  • Reducing neighborhood crime rates by giving children and teens a place to be and helping them discover that they do not have to fit into the mold that society dictates; helping them to discover their Life Vision (their God given passion and direction)

Youth Programs:

Check out our Summer Arts Day Camp

Summer Arts Camp Application 2017

Discover our digital programs, Kinetik and Widgets.


The John and Vera Mae Perkins philosophy is a community development concept. It wasn’t developed in a classroom, nor formulated by those foreign to the poor community. Our Biblical principles are practical and evolved from years of living and working amongst families living in our target area. In rural Mississippi, John Perkins first developed this philosophy. He, his wife, Dr. Vera Mae Perkins, and their children have lived out this philosophy for more than 56 years.

My friends, Vera Mae and I ask for your prayers for our family as we mourn the passing of our beloved son, Wayne. We have been, and will be, strengthened by your prayers and kind words.

We will miss our son, but we rejoice that he is with the Lord.


In lieu of flowers, our family asks that you please show your love by donating to Wayne’s first love:

Mission Teams who serve toward the renovation and upkeep of our Z8 Housing Ministry, Outreach for families with children in our youth programs.

To make an online donation, click on the donate button below.


Mail donations to:
The Wayne Perkins Memorial Fund
C/o John & Vera Mae Perkins Foundation
P.O. Box 10773
Jackson, MS 39289


Feel free to email us at or call 601-503-0374. 

Thank-you for your patience while we update our website.


The Original of the C.C.D. Movement!
Christian Community Development

Tuesday Monthly Luncheon

11:45 to 1:00pm at
John & Vera Mae Perkins Foundation,
1831 Robinson St.,
Jackson, MS 39209.

Tuesday, Oct 3, 2017
Tuesday, Sept 7, 2017

Donate to JVMPF and
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Your donation makes it possible to continue
our mission of reconciliation and community
development, but also introduce exciting new
programs like Kine’tik and Widgets.  These
programs focus on digital entrepreneurship,
programming and other technical skills that
are becoming popular tools for economic

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The money collected through your donation will be used primarily to support the Perkins’ Adopt-a-House program, which is used for covering costs of much-needed maintenance, upkeep, and beautification efforts for several house properties in their immediate neighborhood in West Jackson. This is part of a major two-year comprehensive project.  Learn more about this program here.
A secondary use towards which the donations will go is towards two curricula — one for a summer arts curriculum and one for a student leadership curriculum — as part of the Perkins Foundation’s educational outreach programs which benefit both students in JPS (the district in which Jennifer used to teach) and both local and visiting college students.

Zechariah 8

The Z8 Community Housing Initiative provides at risk families and individuals with an opportunity to live in stable, quality homes surrounded by others who support them and their development.  The purpose of Z8 is to affirm the dignity of our community.  Click here to learn more.

If you are interested in participating in this program, please download and complete our preliminary application by clicking here.


Experience a truly life changing summer of reconciliation, growth, and building together as you partner with us to rebuild Jackson communitiesClick here to learn more.


Mission Teams

The mission team experience is an excellent opportunity for groups to enter into our community and have a hand in making it a better place.  Click here to learn more.


Summer Arts Camp

Come join the fun and learning as we mentor children in education while exploring Mississippi and learning to contribute to its culture.  Click here to learn more!

Antioch Guest Housing and JVMPF Training Center

You can visit us here on our campus in Jackson, MS to spend time with Dr. Perkins and the JVMPF development team.  Visit historic areas in Jackon including the first ministry the Perkins founded in Mendenhall, MS.  Our guest housing is available year round.  Please CONTACT US for more details!