Micah Missions    


Short-Term Missions for Churches, Youth/Adult Groups, Colleges, Ministries, Clubs 

Micah Mission teams of 8 or more people, may come and experience the man and ministry behind the message, Dr. John M. Perkins. Come back to where the Christian Community Development (CCD) movement all began.

WHAT: A week long educational and service where mission teams can have the extraordinary opportunity to sit at the feet of Dr. Perkins (the father of the CCD Movement) and his Leadership team of Community Developers for: bible study,  reconciliation & justice discussions, meals, educational films, Perkins Civil Rights Tour, mission service project (Z-8 Housing), community dinner, evening athletic/games/campfire activities.

Explore the history, culture and struggles of the South and begin to discover what racial and cultural reconciliation really means; experience the struggle for justice… while being the hands and feet of Jesus. Then take this unique and beautiful experience back to your family, school, city and church.

Short-term missions is a win-win for eternity. Participants typically return from the field with a deepened Christian commitment while their efforts complement long-term ministries and workers.Contact Elizabeth at, 601-238-2073.

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