Meet our Executive Team

V. Elizabeth Perkins


When Elizabeth shares her excitement for God’s call on her life, she says, “Looking back over my life I see how God’s hand has brought me to this time and place. This represents not only where we are in our own lives, but where we want to take others as well.” Whether she is guiding you through the intricacies of establishing and managing your own foundation or helping you establish a youth ministry or mentoring program, Elizabeth brings passion and purpose to your mission. Elizabeth has spent time in Africa ministering and serving with the Navigators.  Her goal is simple yet profound:  Helping next generations encounter & follow Jesus to bless a broken world.

re: Mission Team, Internship, Children/Adult Programs, Good News Club, Girls & Boys Fun Club, Summer Arts Camp, Branding.

Contact Elizabeth at * 601-238-2073. twitter: @MzLizBlossom

Priscilla Perkins (M.Ed., cPl)

Priscilla founded Harambee Preparatory School and served as its first headmaster. She traveled and researched private school models around the country and developed an inner-city Christian school that has become a model itself. Priscilla specializes in the social foundations of education and cognitive development of children. Priscilla also has experience in family law and legal research. Spending her whole life in ministry as a preacher’s kid (the 7th child of John Perkins), Priscilla has important stories to tell. Ask for her if you are interested in starting a Christian school or need to improve your school, or want to hear interesting stories from a PK.

re: Dr. John M. Perkins’ schedule, Intellectual Property, Sisters Speaking, Adopt a House sponsorship, Perkins Institute.

Contact * 601-238-4090. twitter:@PriscillaPerk17

Deborah Perkins

5D7D5382-FEF4-4458-BD85-DD0C07C8739CDeborah is crack filler of the Perkins Foundation. She manages the business office and is committed to improving our systems and processes in the area of property management, grant writing, lawn care, local college & church outreach, web developer, wholistic health & wellness, community economics, editing, IT +.

Think win-win. It’s rewarding for you to give back and simultaneously receive joy. Pass it forward to your church, college, friend, associate. Let’s form synergy.

For health and insight, Deb benefit from swimming, chess, meditative prayer, fasting & recruiting volunteers.

Contact or, 601-503-0374, to inquire about serving with our operational team and speaking availability.




#1 Listening to guidance from the Holy Spirit.


*Correction: website listed incorrectly in the video.